Comprehensive Kundali Reading

BASIC TRAITS: what is the basic reason for you taking birth on the planet as per oriental philosophy?

SPIRITUAL LIFE: What suits your core nature?

RELATIONSHIPS: parents, spouses, siblings, employee, partnerships, kids, boss, etc. Discover which relationships are good or bad for you.

EARNING SOURCE: Discover the best professions for you to be in. Identify periods of your life where income will be strong or weak.

SUITABLE TIMES: days, months and years in life.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: to enhance your basic health and nature.

SUCCESS: What are the areas where you find yourself sailing easily? Identify streams where you will likely swim against the current.

COLOURS: which colors are best for your health and success.

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Signature Analysis

Discover what your signature means. Learn what the signature of other people you deal with has to say about their personality and if it they will be positive or negative for you.

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Choose the best geography, topography and direction from which success is derived. Identify adverse and positive directions based upon your jyotish reading.

Home decor theme as per your Kundali Vastu that will bring you more success.

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Pooja and Stuti Paath thwart negativity and bring positivity. Consult me to find out which Pooja shall be beneficial for you.

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