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Jyotish Analysis by Prama Chopra ज्योतिष कुण्डली विश्लेषण

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What as person you are born. What for? What is basic reason for taking birth in the planet as per oriental philosophy? Our Hindu (Sanātan सनातन) philosophy believes that in 84 lakhs (8.4 million) species of fauna, human birth is most difficult to attain and this the best of all species as God has given humans unique ability of Vivek (means discerning with application of wisdom) to apply.  So every life is born with balance of account as per past lives Karma. Though every philosophy and religion of this world believes that one should do positive deeds; but our oriental philosophies believe in reincarnation and in theory of cause and effect thus the emphasis of Karma is more. Astrology tells what is the main objective of your birth on Earth in this Universe. Starting from your birth on this planet to till departure from this human form.

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Signature Analysis for US $300

The CEO’s signature means a lot for the corporate; so is yours. This means a lot for you; especially financial side of prospect. And this is one aspect of your being you can completely alter; all other things are not that changeable with this ease.

The contours made out of your writing tell a lot. Right Slant or left slant of what you scripting, or perfect ninety degree vertical letter, pressure on specific letters, serif. If these are not enough dots, strokes, loops, continuity, spacing. Bold and small size of letters reflects a lot for your personality and behavior. Interpretation an underline below the signature is not to underestimate while doing the analysis.

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