February 19 – March 20

On 18th February 2018 el Sol starts his annual tour to Pisces. Birthday month begins for February born Pisces.

Certain part of past is going to end. A new chapter in your life is going to begin. The party begins even earlier when on 11th Feb Venus enters Pisces. Then on 18th Feb Mercury also joins the party. This is a gala starry time. A new appearance, new approach, a new outlook waits to begin in this month. You are in final stages of knowing your beautiful personality and its traits; when we take a seven year’s time horizon. This is a bright season do not let negativity mar your life force to hit stagnancy. This is a general rule when you are climbing high; you feel gravitational pull.

Mars will continue its tour to your career zone which was started in Jan 2018; Mars will stay in Sagittarius in full strength throughout the February 2018.  This gives your career immense power. You are now in commanding position so let go the past. Let go what is not useful for you now and build your career afresh if you are not satisfied with the current assignments.

The month end brings much awaited stability in your life.


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