July 23 – August 22

Love, companion marital bliss all are in perfect shape in your life this season. You are unconditionally committed to your spouse for all these happy moments. Domestic issues are sorted for now.

Now you would want to allocate more time to your work sphere. Start your career activity for a better year end show.

Good time to start a Business venture in the beginning of the month. In career joint efforts are better for balancing any sudden unpleasant development towards month end.

In the month end you may feel exhausting your resources.

Analytical abilities are at its best. If any brain storming sessions calls your name be a part of it, you are likely to rule the roost, however, you should keep your temper in check as Mars in fifth house may take the league to a melting point. But generally your wisdom will be appreciated. Note down your novel idea during this month you may give shape or sell later.

After February 11 financial issues related to others may bother you, this could be related to some loam EMI, unscheduled payment to insurance bill, legal settlement or so.


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