Know Your Nakshatra Tree (Birth Star Tree) Free




“Trees have been celebrated in Indian lives since ancient times. Providential origin of trees itself speaks about how Indian culture cared for environment in all ages.” Ms PRAMA CHOPRA

This year India is hosting World Environment Day on 5th June 2018. ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ is theme of this year’s event.


We at are supporting the cause #BeatPlasticPollution in our capacity to promote Tree acculturation in our life; Environment friendly worship is always the essence of Hindu Culture. The only requisite is to remove ignorance of using non biodegradable elements like plastic, during performing pujas or worships. In last few decades use of plastic has crept in our lives with modern age unchecked development.


Promotion of Nakshatra (Birth Star) Tree Plantation and Nakshatra Tree Garden is an initiative by Prama Chopra Founder ASTROWORLD.CO.IN




Nakshatra Tree Garden

Municipal Corporation Gurugram Certificate of appreciation to Ms. Prama Chopra for Nakshatra Tree Garden for Swarna Jayanti Park, Gurugram, Haryana




We have left no stone unturned to promote this part of our spirituality which saves environment apart from doing dharma as the basic purpose. Astrologer Prama Chopra has been inspiring masses to do Eco friendly Astrological remedies for their concern. Nakshatra tree related web-page on has more than fifty thousands visits since publication in 2011 Source: Google analytics.नक्षत्र-वृक्ष-plants-trees-of-27-nakshatras-stars/

From start of this World Environment Day 5th June 2018 to do our bit to save environment Astrologer Prama Chopra is providing free Online advice to plant Nakshatra tree specific to your birth star based on your birth date time and place.


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Those who do not want to discuss their birth details on social media they may just fill the form on our website with your date of birth time and place. You will receive answer by email.