Dev Kumar Chopra

I am writing few lines here related with God through my personal experience and thinking.

Once during my childhood when I was hardly nine or ten years old, I felt thirst so I took a glass of water mixed with ice; the glass was made of brass or bronze. I saw a thin layer of water outside the glass. I wiped it from my palm. Again I saw a thin layer of water was formed. So I inferred was coming from the pores of glass.

After I grew up, I remembered the phenomenon of childhood and I came to know that water did not come from the pores through the glass but it was water vapour omnipresent in the atmosphere.

The incarnation of God may be compared with water inside the glass a concrete form and water vapour present in the atmosphere is like omnipresent God. It is colourless but it can assume the shape of myriad colours of cloud.

When I was in high school I read a story (Tales from Shakespeare) by Charles Lamb called “all’s well that ends well”. I don’t remember the full story now but in one page of the story I read something was written in between- Indian, who adores the sun that looks upon his worshipper, but knows of him no more. Why? If the God is omnipresent, he must be present in the sun, too, which has the volume 109 times of our earth. If the God is not in the sun, he is not omnipresent and maybe he is nowhere. Now I am telling my personal experience related with the topic,” about two years back I went to a hospital for full body check up. Seeing my eyes doctor told “you are having cataract in the eyes and asked whether I am able to see? I said yes I can see I didn’t say I daily look at the Sun (God) for a few seconds while performing daily worship. I have no problem in eyes except while reading newspapers I use spects, if he is there (Sun) he can see us and would know us also.

Among the incarnations Ram and Krishna are prominent and illustrative, Ram is associated with Sun and Krishna with Moon Ram was born at the midday and Krishna at the midnight. Colour of Ram is compared with blue lotus The blue lotus I interpreted blue of the sky , blue of the sky is created by the Sun rays.

Krishna was born at the midnight of Janmashtami when half of the Moon was present. The sky colour becomes blue-black, the complexion of Krishna.

The sky is infinite or better say infinity. The omnipresent God is nothing but infinity. Here by ‘nothing’ I meant smaller than the smallest or the soul. The soul is consciousness present in our intellect and it whole of our body and activates all its functions. When the soul leaves, our body is called dead. The reality is life.

Krishna means black, which means absorption of all the light and no light goes out of it and the second meaning of Krishna is ‘Karshan’ is the force of attraction. Combining both the meaning, it reminds me the black hole well known to the scientist which can devour many Suns. In Hindu Philosophy God is defined – trio:  Infinity, Consciousness and Energy (all mighty). The trio together becomes the seat of pleasure. Consciousness is the root of knowledge, when we don’t want to know anything; this consciousness takes the form of pleasure. It can be felt when we slumber deep.