Astrological prediction coronavirus end in India

By |2020-03-31T20:46:00+05:30March 31st, 2020|

The corona virus disease2019 has become cause of en masse suffering in memorable time of our generation. This virus named Covid-19 compelled governments to call for a shut down in many parts of the world. Now entire globe is affected by the spread of this virus. People who follow my astrological insights are asking exact [...]


By |2019-08-22T13:51:55+05:30August 22nd, 2019|

This article is first published in Suburb Life magazine | August 2019  She is an astrologer, people go to her to know their future, discuss their problems and seek solutions. Prama Chopra, says, “Apart from predictions a major part of astrology relates to remedies.’ She shares her insight on Tree Worship, back in the day [...]

The History, Science and Mathematics of Indian (Hindu हिंदू) and Other Calendars

By |2018-11-18T16:46:03+05:30November 18th, 2018|

History of Calendars The History, Science and Mathematics of Indian (Hindu हिंदू) and Other Calendars A book by Rajesh Kumar Chopra     Multiple calendar systems are being followed in this large country, India, with diverse cultures; and though each of them is individually accurate based on its adopted principles, the difference is not [...]

Mars – Saturn combination and Stars Wars of 2018 by PRAMA CHOPRA

By |2018-03-05T12:35:55+05:30March 5th, 2018|

Mars - Saturn combination and Stars Wars of 2018 by PRAMA CHOPRA Chances of war or catastrophe in the world in the year of 2018. A lot of speculation is going about the world politics. Last year in 2017, media all around the world was struck with paranoia of North Korean Kim, however, nothing happened [...]

Origin of 27 Nakshatra Trees

By |2017-05-05T21:45:03+05:30May 5th, 2017|

  Origin of 27 Nakshatra Trees (Nakṣatra in Sanskrit) नक्षत्रों से वृक्षों की उत्पत्ति Narad Puran (Nārad Purāṇa नारद पुराण) gives description of origin of trees by the Lords of the 27 Nakshatra of Indian Astrology. Each these 27 Nakshatra has specific Excelling Deity associated with. Click here to see names of Nakshatra Deity and [...]

Life on Mars and Astrology

By |2015-10-03T22:10:00+05:30October 3rd, 2015|

Recent evidence of water on planet Mars once again proves scientific base of ancient Indian writings and Indian Astrology. In our scriptures planet Mars has always referred as son of mother Earth. Now scientists of this age have confirmed evidence of liquid water on Mars. Science is in process to search life on Mars. The [...]

Jupiter-Moon Yoga (Guru Chandra Yoga)

By |2012-03-18T20:53:07+05:30March 18th, 2012|

Jupiter- Moon Yoga Guru Chandra (Guru Chandi / Chandee) गुरू-चन्द्र  / गुरू-चाँदी योग   When Jupiter is in conjunction /1st quadrant from Moon it is Guru Chandra Yoga (and by default it is Gaja Kesari) and Jupiter in other quadrants from Moon i.e. 4th (fourth), 7th (seventh) and 10th (tenth) then it is termed Gaja-kesari Yoga. It is the most elevated yoga [...]

Hamsa Yoga in Astrology (हंस योग)

By |2011-11-13T20:17:19+05:30November 13th, 2011|

 Hamsa Yoga (हंस योग) Panch Mahapurush Yoga Read full article by Prama Chopra   In Sanskrit Panch means Five, Maha means great and Purush means man (individual). The Yoga is formed by five planets Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn.   Any of these five planets in it's own sign, Mool Trikona or exalted in a [...]

Ruchaka Yoga (रूचक योग)

By |2011-10-01T17:49:03+05:30October 1st, 2011|

Ruchaka Yoga (रूचक योग) (in Indian Astrology by Astrologer Prama Chopra) The Ruchaka yoga is one of the five Royal Yogas of Vedic Astrology Panchmaha Purusha Yoga. The कारक  मंगल karak planet Mars forms Ruchaka Yoga. Like all other Mahapurusha yoga the association of powerful Mars planet with quadrant is necessary. click to read about Pancha [...]

नक्षत्र वृक्ष Plants & Trees of 27 Nakshatras (Stars)

By |2011-08-02T10:09:54+05:30August 2nd, 2011|

नक्षत्र वृक्ष Plants & Trees of 27 Nakshatras (Stars) Vastu plants and trees Trees in Vedic Astrology (Zodiac) an article by Prama Chopra (प्रमा चोपड़ा) dedicated to 2011 International Year of Forests (For Hindi and Sanskrit chart : scroll down) No. Nakshatra Excelling Deity  Nakshatra Tree English Botanical Name 1 Ashwini Ashvini Twins Ras* Tree [...]

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