Prama Chopra is a veteran astrologer and vastu consultant.

Based in New Delhi, India, she has over 25 years of experience in the esteem subject, and has given positive results to hundreds of her permanent clients.

Born in the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi (aka known as Benares), she grew-up watching her father dealing with rich ancient vastu shastra, astrology and astronomy along with religion and philosophy.

Growing up she became more curious to learn about this mystic science of stars, planets and earth and earned the vast knowledge from her father and mentor Shri Dev Kumar Chopra.

Prama, a scholar of Hindu religion has earned Master Degree in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi. She was given certificate of merit by Women’s College, Banaras Hindu University for scoring highest marks in the University for the subjects Indian Religion and Indian Culture (B.A. Honours). She was also associated with research work in the subject of Archaeology.

On adopting astrology for living Prama says it was her passion and is not sure when it turned into a profession, but yes, it happened after she moved from Varanasi to New Delhi.

Learning her astrological and vastu talent family and friends started approaching her. It was all word of mouth and people from not just from India but across the globe started approaching her for help.

Realising the need and demand Prama finally made Jyotish, her full-time profession and established, so that this precious knowledge of culture and heritage stay preserved.

Her predictions are based on natal chart and planetary movements.

She has taken many vastu assignments for factories, banks, offices and corporate.

Prama has interest in writing and keep exploring astrology and its impact on financial market, personal and professional life as well. Her articles have been published in various media publications.


Her grandfather Late Mool Chand (Mulchand) Chopra was actively involved in religious activities in 1930s to 1960s. A resident of Varanasi (Kashi), he published many religious books including the edition of Ramcharit Manas for which research work was conducted under his guidance. He was actively involved with Dharm Samrat Swami Karpatri Ji (1905-1980), was the publisher of many of his works, and was associated with him in performing many yajya.

Swami Karpatri ji’s early activities included the founding of a journal, Sanmarg (1936), backed by the merchant Mulchand Chopra and edited by Vijayanand Tripathi; later (1941) this became a daily newspaper published from Banaras and Calcutta. Karpatri also championed the revival of large-scale Vedic sacrifices, for which he solicited funds from merchants and industrialists.

The office address of Sanmarg Magazine (Sanmārg Patrikā) was our residential home at Varanasi.

The Father Shri Dev Kumar Chopra is a disciple of Late Swami Karpatri Ji and learned Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy from him. He stayed in his Ashram in early years. He has good knowledge of Hindu mythology and astrology. Being from an affluent family he practiced astrology not for profession but only for debate, discussion and within the group of pundits and friends.

Prama Chopra and Seema , the two of the daughters of Shri Dev Kumar Chopra have learned Astrology from their father. Prama Chopra is providing astrology consultation for horoscope and Vastu on prior appointment in Gurugram (Gurgaon) at her Business address

Our Family

The values of the Indian Philosophy and Culture come naturally to me as I hail from the Chopra family of Varanasi (Kashi) that worked closely with Dharam Samrat Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj.

Late Shri Dev Kumar Chopra
Late Shri Dev Kumar Chopra
My father who learnt Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy from Karpatri Ji Maharaj.
Prama Chopra,
Prama Chopra,Astrologer
I have taken astrology as profession and advice businesses and individuals alike.

“It is very rare that we come across such an honest and geniune professional in the field of astrology. Mam’s varied experience in the field of finance is an add on to the advice rendered by her. Highly recommended.”


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